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SCL is the Lighting Supplier for 2019 FISU UNIVERSITY WORLD CUP-FOOTBALL

SCL LED sports lighting systems once again lighting for the top international events!

Following the 2018 AUSF ASIA CUP CHINA QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT, the 2019 FISU Football World Cup was once again held at the Yangzheng Middle School Stadium!

The FISU Football World Cup is the world's top college football tournament newly established by the FISU. The tournament is held every two years, including two stages of the qualifiers and the global finals. With the approval of the FISU Executive Committee, Jinjiang Yangzheng Middle School successfully won the right to host four FISU Football World Cup in 2019, 2021, 2023 and 2025.

Nearly 300PCS QDZ-1200D, 4PCS poles at 40 meters, lighting level can reach TV1000lux, fully meet FIFA TV broadcasting lighting requirements, perfectly help the football players to display their wonderful skills!

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