• SCL LED lighting systems light up Football Park in HUNAN Sports Center

    SCL lighting system | football park lighting |soccer field LED light

    Createtime:2018-07-25Read More
  • SCL illuminates Brondby Stadium In Denmark

    SCL illuminates the home of Brondby Football Club.

    Createtime:2018-07-04Read More
  • Kangding sports stadium

    11-a-side football field, used 300W LED sports stadium lights, professional competition level, average illuminance ≥500lux, Eh-min/Eh-max≥0.7

    Createtime:2016-11-27Read More
  • The Ocean Lake Wetland Football Park

    SCL LED Lighting System for Football Park | 11-a-side football field light| 7-a-side soccer field lighting | futsal field lighting

    Createtime:2017-10-18Read More
  • Guangdong Olympic Center Football Field

    SCL lighting system for Guangdong Olympic Center Football Field | Outdoor football field light| soccer field LED light

    Createtime:2017-10-24Read More
  • SCL lights up the KELME Football Park

    LED light for football field | Football Park LED light | Football field light

    Createtime:2017-10-20Read More
  • Zhejiang University Football Field Project

    LED sports lighting for University| football field LED lighting | 11-a-side soccer field light| 7-a-side soccer field lighting | futsal field light| LED football field light show

    Createtime:2017-12-15Read More
  • Hanwei Football Park

    Football park lighting system | football training lighting | football club led light | led football field light|soccer field light

    Createtime:2017-12-09Read More

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